World-class hosting

We build and tailor your online ecosystem for your needs through cutting edge technology. Our devoted team of experts offer a range of server solutions including dedicated and cloud.

Simplify with cloud storage


Cloud hosting allows for computing and storage facilities without purchasing, setting up, and maintaining physical hardware units. Clients provide their required (virtual) CPU, storage capacity, RAM, and more – a virtual appliance is created based on these needs and is ready to use within a brisk period.

Our aim is to adjust our hosting strategy to enable us to provide “pay as you grow” services by offering tailored cloud delivery. We believe this is vital to new businesses, as most of our first-time clients simply don’t understand the complexities of running a website and the costs associated with it.

By leveraging the scalability of cloud, we can offer packages to our clients that best suit their initial position. With their own growth, they can freely invest in further infrastructure and service level agreements.

  • Typical Cloud platform
  • 50GB Bandwidth
  • RAID 1 – HDD or SSD
  • 6 vCPU
  • 16GB Memory
  • 99% SLA
  • 4hr Response

Enterprise-grade hardware


‘Dedicated’ hosting refers to a physical server that is exclusive to a single client. The owner has complete and private access to their servers’ resources such as storage capacity, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. We offer highly customisable server set up that allow the client to choose specifications, including price point, that best fits their business and technical needs.

Our hosting solution is made up of several options covering a client’s planned growth.
We offer the following features on a ranging SLA (service level agreement) from 97% through to 99.999%:

  • Dedicated server configurations
  • Co-located servers managed on behalf of our clients
  • Cloud-based delivery through
    (a) Our RightScale managed auto-scaling Amazon AWS infrastructure
    (b) Purpose built Rackspace Hybrid Cloud
  • Complex hybrid combinations with elements all listed here, enabling new facilities such as failover dark sites
  • Consultancy service for 3rd party providers such as Fasthosts, Webfusion, Bytemark, Memset and NuBlue

Our expertise in managed Linux environments means that we can offer hosting for practically any project. We use our experience in such environments to give our clients the best possible service.

Hardware configuration and structure has several vital elements to support web delivery. Critical issues are speed and security: we employ the following hardware to achieve our target.

Hardware Firewall – as the frontline defence, this is responsible for enumeration of incoming data.

Caching Proxy – this receives the bulk of the web requests, delivering images and full-page content.

Web Server – running Apache and PHP, processing the web application requests only when the caching proxy can’t.

SQL Firewall – provides a low-level check on queries to the database, checking for SQL injection amongst many items.

Database Server – a tuned MySQL server that provides data storage for all Joomla, content, and Magento Products.

Migration, Management and Support


We aim to adjust our hosting strategy to provide “pay as you grow” services by offering made-to-fit cloud delivery.

In our view, this is vital to new businesses as most of our first-time clients don’t understand the complexities of running a website and the costs associated with it.

By leveraging the scalability of the cloud, we can offer packages to our clients that best suit their initial position. Then with their growth, they can invest more in infrastructure.

We have successfully set up and configured Linux based systems will full redundancy on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Microsoft Azure prioritises open-source frameworks and hybrid environments. Azure focuses on scale and offers over one-hundred services to develop, launch, and manage applications – presenting endless possibilities for your business.

Leverage Amazon


We have extensive experience with AWS. As an earlier adopter of the Amazon services, we have been using their Cloud hosting services for over ten years. We have many clients utilising their cloud architecture with great success. We hold advanced Enterprise-grade delivery processes covering multiple vectors:

  • A tailored Linux Debian operating system
  • Tailor-made bespoke CMS
  • Apache and MySQL – tuned to match the requirements of the Open-Source application
  • Memcache, APC and Varnish – providing different levels of content and image caching
  • Supported by Amazon, AWS is one of the leading providers of cloud hosting in the market. Structured to benefit businesses – functionality is simple, efficient, and competitively priced.

    Backed by Amazon, AWS is one of the largest providers of cloud services on the market. Its functionality is simple, streamlined, and cost-effective, with huge benefits for your business. Migrating to AWS empowers your business to turn ambitions into reality. For first-time adopters it’s important not only to get to grips with cloud functionality, but to understand how to align your approach with your business goals.

    For those looking to move platforms onto AWS or struggling to improve the efficiency of their current AWS solution, we offer actionable insights into how best to turn your legacy system into a usable solution.