eCommerce systems that enhance your business, not complicate it.

Rebā has an extensive client list from a plethora of industries, brands, and business models. We are deeply experienced in creating eCommerce systems that enhance a business using a wide range of platforms.

Rebā was the first UK-certified Magento organisation


Full-service Magento accredited development partner.

We specialise in pushing the Magento community and enterprise to its limits for your business. We have built an extensive list of award-winning online stores that capture and project the company brand and successfully sell to customers. Our Magento customisation expertise adapts and synchronises our Magento builds with other vital parts of your business, such as CRM’s and back-office systems.

We have broad experience in Magento and work on bespoke eCommerce builds. We design and build online shops and eCommerce platforms for various clients, ranging from small start-ups, SME’s, and multinational brands.

We use Magento to deliver a complete solution. We have a dedicated and highly skilled team of eCommerce Magento experts who can fulfil any Magento requirement with a “can do” attitude.

Our projects can utilise version 1 or version 2, depending on your requirements.

Why upgrade to Magento 2?

At the heart of any well-structured site, the user journey is paramount to success. The biggest gripe we have experienced with Magento over the years has been the performance with speed and caching. An outstanding user experience starts with a stable and fast site. Magento 2 is ~40% faster on our benchmark tests. Add server-side caching, and you have a rocket ship!

Out of the box, Magento 2 has an Ajax shopping Cart pre-installed, allowing you to achieve a greater customer conversion through the sales journey.

Magento Extension Development

Over the years, Rebā has been Solution Partners, Certified Advanced Developers, and everything else. Since then, we have created bespoke extensions for clients that fulfil specifications for warehousing, shipping, SKU comparison, social integration, and payment gateways. We have also provided freely available extensions for payment gateways and GeoIP targeting solutions.

WooCommerce, a WordPress Extension


Rebā can create new WooCommerce builds or convert your existing WordPress site to a complete eCommerce solution. From planning, design, and hosting, based on your current, mid-term, long-term goals, and requirements.

If you want to sell online through your existing WordPress CMS, then WooCommerce is a must-have extension. Download, install and then configure and within a matter of 60 minutes, you have a fully operational and transactional eCommerce functionality within the WordPress site.

Want more from your brochure website? Have an existing product line that you can now sell directly to the consumer? Need a quick and straightforward way of selling online? It would be best if you considered WooCommerce.

Here at Rebā, we can customise your WooCommerce to look and feel exactly like your existing website by modifying its template files. Additionally, we have extensive experience in modifying and creating new extensions for WooCommerce to achieve all your requirements.

Taken the world by storm


Shopify has very similar functionality to the Magento Community Edition but is licensed monthly as a SaaS (Software as a Service). Starting with a basic package of $29 up to a more advanced solution at $299. Shopify users also incur payment gateway fees on any purchases and fluctuate depending on the chosen package and scale of business.

Rebā can tailor your basic Shopify templates to get the very best out of them and help to increase your ROI.


ShopifyPlus is the enterprise eCommerce software has been snowballing worldwide, providing previously unseen levels of eCommerce functionality for retailers straight “out of the box”. This is not to be confused with the entry-level Shopify.
It’s also a Full SAS solution, meaning that everything comes included in your monthly fee, licence fees, security updates/patches, and scalable ultrafast hosting. Any costs associated with your ShopifyPlus are solely marketing driven. With no other unbudgeted surprises.

ShopifyPlus is for the more demanding build and clients.

Seamless across any platform and physical location


Digital and offline should offer the same personalised brand experience for your customers.

Create a seamless experience for the customer through whatever means of engagement they are using. We help retailers who sell across channels, so their transactional systems fully respond to customers accessing multiple devices and formats in-store and online.
We apply and ensure that customer data can be saved and accessed throughout their sales journey no matter where consumers buy or interact with your brand.

Services Include

Multichannel Stock synchronisation

POS / CRM integration

Omni Channel Reporting and Sales Attribution

Targeted and retargeting ad campaign