Over twenty years of CRM systems experience

Our long-standing success assures the capabilities of Rebā in developing effective CRM systems for our clients.

Stood the test of time


Salesforce is probably one of the longest going CRM solutions in use today. It has evolved quite dramatically over time and is regarded as one of the industry’s leading CRM platforms in service today. Integrable into any online and accountancy system with many standard off-the-shelf plugins for the more generic uses.

Here at Rebā, we have integrated many client systems into Salesforce, such as:

Magento Salesforce Integration – Customer data captured from the basket page on submission of an order. Also dropped baskets, the customers who didn’t make it through the checkout and the more standard “Contact Us” form collections.

Joomla! Salesforce Integration – We can deep link the contact forms throughout the site using Salesforce’s forms to ensure that a user’s journey always takes the user to a Salesforce lead capture form.

WordPress Salesforce Integration – By using the Salesforce lead capture forms, it’s possible to gather all the user’s details throughout their journey. Partial form data collection is also achievable. With browser cookies, it’s possible to save partial form entities and collect the remaining data on the user’s next return.

Extensive and highly flexible

Suite & Sugar

SugarCRM and SuiteCRM were once the same system. SuiteCRM went down an alternative route after SugarCRM announced it would no longer support its Free Edition. Both have many features and are usable in any size of an organisation. They are easy to adapt and customise, and we have plenty of experience customising them for many critical business systems.

SugarCRM is another long-standing CRM that has been in continuous development for the last fourteen years. With over two million users worldwide and increasing if you’re looking for an alternative to Salesforce and want a CRM that is innovative and continually adopted and updated, SugarCRM is the one for you.

Similarly to Salesforce, it’s possible to integrate into all the usual web platforms to save lead generation and customer data. With many new features continually being released, SugarCRM is constantly innovating, which is why we like it so much.

Rebā has extensive experience in both systems.

A highly capable marketing automation system


A very adaptable, automated marketing solution with many add-ons. You will never get to the end of the feature lists. This system integrates well with other mediums such as Email, PPC and Analytics.

Introduced initially into Rebā by BAE Systems as their preferred CRM option, we had to ensure that any new users and or returning users data were captured and entered into Marketo.

Very much a new breed of CRM with connectivity into emails, PPC, landing pages, social media, mobile, web, marketing analytics and Content AI.

Marketo is a very sophisticated SaaS, cloud-based system that we can tailor to any business. We have now worked with Marketo on various projects, from extensive system critical deployments to SME’s. Many of the features for Marketo are for purchase as and when required via its SaaS model.

Real-time user interaction and monitoring


Infusionsoft CRM, marketing automation, integrated sales and marketing, eCommerce and dropped baskets makes the latest SaaS cloud-based CRM solution a strong contender for any severe CRM requirement and user. Talk to Juicy Media today, and we can guide you to make the right choice.

Infusionsoft is a highly sophisticated SaaS cloud-based solution that specialises in small to medium enterprise needs, allowing you to concentrate on running and growing your business.

Rebā has integrated into Infusionsoft for many clients ranging from eCommerce solutions to simple WordPress and Joomla based sites with dedicated landing pages.

With a very intuitive user journey profiling system, you can see in real-time how your users and potential customers are interacting with your digital front window. Showing visual funnels on the admin dashboard makes it easy to track and determine which user data we assign to email marketing segmentation and automation. Also, a neat functionality is doing this in real-time whilst purposely setting users to new mailing lists on the ‘fly’.

Want to understand what Infusionsoft can do for your business? Give us a call today.

Widely integrable CRM & ERP

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics NAV – an Enterprise Resource Planning solution or ERP for short.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) that helps manage sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and inventory. It can be integrated into almost any open-source CMS system, including eCommerce and bespoke platforms.
Our team of expert systems integrators at Rebā can help you implement Dynamics NAV or other ERP systems that your business uses.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP are interoperable through the complete sales, dispatch, and re-targeting of your customers. API integration allows you to connect the CRM or ERP to your existing digital platforms.

This Enterprise Resource Planning solution evolved from a suite of applications originally under the Navision umbrella but was acquired by Microsoft in 2002. It has since grown from a simple accounting platform to a feature-rich ERP solution that is easily integrated into almost any eCommerce, CRM or even CMS system, including:

WordPress – Customer data submitted from contact forms can be captured and piped directly into the Dynamics NAV ERP for follow up and sales tracking.

Magento and WooCommerce – Two-way synchronisation of Products, Inventory, Stock as well as direct exportation and management of Orders, Shipments and even Customer information from these eCommerce platforms is not only achievable but encouraged if using an ERP solution.