Expert CMS solutions –

Designed specifically for your organisation

Without a functional and straight forward content management system, your enterprise will struggle.

Ideal for small to medium sized management systems and blogs.


Rebā provides custom WordPress Theme and Plugin creation – delivering compelling and unique websites. It’s a vast platform with an active community. As a result, WordPress is constantly evolving and has become a highly capable CMS from the blogging tool it was initially.
WordPress has established itself as the leading CMS that is used through a broad spectrum of websites worldwide.
We are experts in the use and development of WordPress. We do not sell WordPress; it is licensed and freely distributed under the GPL usage licence.
Rebā provides highly customised WordPress sites for many SME’s. WordPress has a strong CMS capability with its easy-to-use administration system ideal for smaller content management systems and blog sites.

We were the first UK-certified Magento organisation


A full-service Magento accredited development partner.

We specialise in pushing the Magento community and enterprise to its limits for your business. We have built an extensive list of award-winning online stores that capture and project the company brand and successfully sell to customers. Our Magento customisation expertise adapts and synchronises our Magento builds with other vital parts of your business, such as CRM’s and back-office systems.

We have broad experience in Magento and work on bespoke eCommerce builds. We design and build online shops and eCommerce platforms for various clients, ranging from small start-ups, SME’s, and multinational brands.

We use Magento to deliver a complete solution. We have a dedicated and highly skilled team of eCommerce Magento experts who can fulfil any Magento requirement with a “can do” attitude.

Our projects can utilise version 1 or version 2, depending on your requirements.

Why upgrade to Magento 2?

At the heart of any well-structured site, the user journey is paramount to success. The biggest gripe we have experienced with Magento over the years has been the performance with speed and caching. An outstanding user experience starts with a stable and fast site. Magento 2 is ~40% faster on our benchmark tests. Add server-side caching, and you have a rocket ship!
Out of the box, Magento 2 has an Ajax shopping Cart pre-installed, allowing you to achieve a greater customer conversion through the sales journey.

Magento Extension Development

Over the years, Rebā has been Solution Partners, Certified Advanced Developers, and everything else. Since then, we have created bespoke extensions for clients that fulfil specifications for warehousing, shipping, SKU comparison, social integration, and payment gateways. We have also provided freely available extensions for payment gateways and GeoIP targeting solutions.

A preferred CMS of academic and healthcare organisations


Using Drupal, we can create complex and well-designed websites that meet the needs of our clients and their users. Drupal has great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security, making it a good choice for your project that needs a CMS.

Another open-source CMS that can be downloaded and used under the GNU GPLv2 licence agreement. Based on similar underlying technologies as WordPress and Joomla. Meaning we at Rebā have added its flexibility as a CMS to our growing service offering.

With many academic and healthcare sector-based organisations using Drupal as their preferred CMS, we have been proactive with its development and support since version 6, now on version 8.x. Drupal has a growing community of developers and users worldwide.

We have utilised this system to create websites for both education, health, and central government.

Advanced development capability & easy to use.


We are fluent with the concrete5 content management system, its database, and frameworks. Meaning we can design and build complex websites and applications using it. Concrete5’s drag and drop editor allows ease of use and makes it an excellent CMS for non-technical users.

Concrete5 is a heavily customisable CMS, written in – you guessed it: – “PHP”. Provided under the MIT License, you can do anything you want with it. Meaning it’s a great CMS platform to build any web-based project.

We tend to use Concrete5 over WordPress and Joomla when the client wants to be a little more hands-on with updates, edits and generally want to get their hands dirty with working with their web presence.

Although from a developer’s point of view, it isn’t as easy to build with when compared to some of the more frequently used and traditional open-source CMS’s. Once you understand the core code and the template’s creation, it’s a genuinely compelling CMS.

From an administrator’s view, i.e., the client, it has a very intuitive, almost real-time page editing capability, making for easy editing, updates, and image changes.

We’ve used Concrete5 for websites, intranets, and the basis for complete custom bespoke web-based systems.

Simple to complex


We are providing professional Joomla! web design and development services. We design, build, and support Joomla! websites for many organisations. Joomla! is a powerful open-source content management system that allows anybody with basic computer skills to edit and manage their website.

Joomla! is a powerful Open-Source Content Management system (CMS). We can use it to create simple websites right through to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is highly regarded, reliable and secure.

We are experts in the use and development of Joomla! We do not sell Joomla!; it is licensed and freely distributed under the GPL usage licence.

We provide a development service customising and designing plug-ins, bespoke CMS packages and managed solutions. We create our own components for Joomla! where a client has a unique requirement.