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We are DV clearance holding operators with two decades of innovation and experience. As of 2021, we are an entity that the United States Department of Defense recognises.

When it comes to technical guidance, rest assured that you are in the right hands.

Secure by design. Leading technical guidance for the best results.


Our clients run business-critical systems, where e-commerce applications need to operate 24/7, allowing them to maximise profits through multi-channels. The persistent cyber threat remains one of the most significant – and growing – risks facing these organisations.

DevSecOps – we naturally incorporate security controls as we build our systems to ensure they are as robust as possible.

Penetration tests – from the ground up, we test our systems, securing successful break-ins.

Vulnerability assessment – We run through our systems from the perspective of a malicious and experienced actor to identify vulnerabilities and secure them.

It’s our mission to run, protect and support your critical systems. We want to provide peace of mind and allow you the bandwidth to focus on the bigger picture.

Professional data management and systems.

Big Data

We Not everyone cares for in-depth analytics, and it can confuse the hell out of you when you’re trying to process large amounts of in-depth information to create a good plan of action. We can make life easier by handling and presenting the data clearly before implementing the most effective changes for your business.

Improve systems efficiency.

Systems Integration

You can’t just set up a website and then pray that it’ll do what you need. With the correct and complimentary databases and tools working together, your business can perform efficiently and provide your desired results. Here at Rebā, we always keep you in the loop with what’s happening – giving you the most up to date reports and analyses so that along the way, you maintain an understanding of big data without having to handle it yourself.

We want to see our community flourish.

Growth & Transformation

Stagnancy in business is often down to poor strategy. In an industry with intense competitive forces, organisations can quickly find themselves in trouble. We can help your business fix and adapt strategies to see considerable success. Our team can sculpt critical development plans while building strong relationships so that the business direction is always in line with your vision.

Our strategy and consultation process. The macro perspective.



Understanding our client and their needs is the foundation of achieving their desired results. During the discovery period we hold discussions and seek to get inside the minds of our clients to understand their goals and challenges. These are vital moments that provide us with key information to pair with our own knowledge, experience, and current insights. Once the situation has been defined and analysed, we move to create an actionable plan for the client to follow.


Devise & Agree

Putting the evaluated situation and our research and expertise into motion – we develop tailor-made plans for our client. We identify and establish solutions to problems and prospects that the client may have missed. Communication remains open and transparent as we shape our plans. We consistently critique as we plan from a variety of different approaches to identify potential issues and stop them before they can cause complications. Once we have comprehensive clarity and detail to our initiatives, we relay them with our client in open, and welcome discussions for any requests and amendments.

Once the client is satisfied, we take action.


Test & Adjust

Once everything is in place and running, we maintain a close and personal oversight to spot problems and opportunities for improving the ongoing processes. Communication remains open and agreed upon ongoing support is standard practice. This feedback and adjustment approach ensures that we provide you with the best service possible and get you the results you are after.

Strategy & Consultation