Development you can count on.

Our expert team of developers have an extensive track record of transforming the digital capabilities and presence of all kinds of organisations. Creative and robust solutions are built to fit. We communicate consistently to stay on track and ensure that our client’s vision is fully understood and met or exceeded.

Set yourself apart with an exceptional website.


Your website has an immense impact on the health of your business – from conversion and retention to the influence of your brand, reputation, and accessibility.

A website that is not competitive in the present day and beyond is a detriment to your organisation. Our team has two decades of certified, sector-leading experience and can transform your website into a cutting edge and reliable domain.

Fully functioning, professionally crafted apps


An app that can compete with the best of them is crucial in gaining a competitive edge. We have exhaustive experience in building mobile phone applications for a variety of clients with unique needs. Our applications are thoroughly tested and put through their paces before handing over the finished product.

We also offer on-going support to maintain and update the app when needed. We can ensure that your mobile app creates convenience for your user base, not a headache.

Specially designed web portals and chatbots for autonomous navigation and information.

Portals & Chatbots

Many organisations are looking to create autonomous systems that provide their userbase with quick and easy answers and directions to the information they seek. Allow us to enhance your customer-to-company relations by syndicating and centralising the most relevant information to a user-friendly and efficient platform.

We have detailed knowledge and experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Creating a fully functioning chatbot that can instantly respond to users and provide them with the information they are looking for is entirely possible. The majority of chatbots struggle to converse or pass on the correct information adequately. With our capabilities, we can create and tune a fully functioning system that works.

Building optimised, fully functioning eCommerce systems, tailored to you


Full-service eCommerce development and build, from planning to design, hosting and management. We are the first UK Magento certified agency, and we specialise in pushing the Magento Community and Enterprise to its limits for your business. We have been building award-winning online stores to our client’s vision with Magento version 1 and 2, enhancing their brand and reinforcing customer relationships.

Our team is fully fluent with WooCommerce, Shopify, and creating omnichannel systems to make a seamless experience for the customer across all formats and devices – mobile, social, online and in physical locations.

Helping you manage, convert, and retain customers with your greatest asset – data.


Managing your customer relationships doesn’t have to be complicated, nor a hassle.

We utilise Salesforce, an industry-leading Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) that has evolved into a SaaS cloud-based solution over the last twenty-five years. It can practically be integrated into any off the shelf or bespoke system. Rebā has implemented a variety of different levels of integration into Salesforce for the last thirteen years. Looking beyond Salesforce, we use Suite & Sugar, Marketo, Infusionsoft, and Microsoft Dynamics – depending on the client’s requirements.

Increase organic traffic from target audiences.

SEO & Good Practise

With a stellar SEO performance, your website is more exposed to your target audience and potential customers. With a strong combination of link-building, in-depth analysis, site optimisation, and keyword-engineered content, we achieve amazing results. We’ll keep updating whenever Google changes their algorithms, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our SEO services include

  • Keyword research
  • Content gap analysis
  • Competitor analysis across paid and organic keywords
  • On-page optimisation
  • Structure using best practice SEO software
  • Technical consultants
  • Mobile-first optimisation to take advantage of Google’s preference towards mobile page optimisation.

Allow us to take the wheel and drive your results with expert SEO abilities.

Our digital transformation process



This is the discovery stage where we hold discussions with the intention to gain a complete understanding of our client’s challenges, vision, and ideas. Immersion in the client’s thinking, problems, perspectives, and everything else related to the goals at hand are absorbed and recorded. We do this for future reference in the ideating phase and to eliminate personal bias when approaching the task. These are crucial moments as they best inform our team of how to set the foundation moving forward. Once the situation has been defined, analysed, and internalised we formulate and propose an actionable plan.


Devise and Agree

Upon analysing the insights gathered from the client, we build a plan supported by additional research and twenty years of experience. We highlight and create solutions to any other issues and opportunities we find that the client may have missed. Due to the evolving nature of this phase, we may continue discussions to clarify certain areas as we shape our strategies. Once we have established a clear and detailed approach covering all aspects of the job – we move into action with ongoing communications. We don’t mind going back and forth to establish the perfect strategy for the client. Once we come to an agreement, we move onto the building stage.



This is where we make plans tangible. Our team swiftly delegates the job and builds systematically. Problems that arise are solved in a methodical way and communication remains open to provide updates, make adjustments, and maintain transparency. This stage is the most time and resource consuming, and for good reason as we intend to provide the best outcome possible.

Our prototypes are created with the intention of delivering a finished product as the first submission. This results in having an optimised product to rigorously test and improve further. Our developers take this approach as it cultivates a competitive, outcome driven effort to create a submission that will visibly impress the client after our internal scrutiny and post-test improvements.



Testing is the final stage of the macro-level process before submission. While the project may not entirely come to an end upon submission – we intend to meet or exceed expectations and resolve the job in one go. To give ourselves the best chances – we rigorously and comprehensively test our creations for issues ranging from security to stability, functionality and more. This aspect of the job can result in a back-and-forth between stages four and three until we are content that all improvements have been made and the product is optimal.

Digital Transformation