Creative, effective & consistent design

Access our capabilities and enhance your presence. Rebā has created hundreds of tailor-made designs for a wide variety of mediums. Our creative portfolio speaks for itself and is consistently improving through our efforts towards our clients’ challenges.

We can bring any organisation to life. Based on a detailed understanding of the brand and offer – we help cultivate exceptional brand identities for all types of clients, from fashion to nurseries and government agencies.

Unique and memorable logos that convey your brand

Logo Design – Stand out from the crowd

A simple image used to convey and carry your brand and reputation can profoundly influence the success or detriment of your business. A successful logo stands out, builds a desired impression in the minds of others, and is ultimately memorable.

Ensuring your brand is seen as intended


We dig to fully understand our client’s vision of how they intend to be perceived and their company personality. We have a strong portfolio that continually develops, showcasing our visually exceptional and commercially effective designs built from the ground up.

Successful design for digital advertising

Design Assets

We frequently create digital advertisements such as banners and images for our clients’ products and services. Our digital advertisements are used across clients marketing channels such as websites, social media, emails, and earned media. Our design team provides a notable edge to existing branding throughout promotional campaigns and events.

Add movement

Motion Graphics

Using a variety of motion graphic capabilities, we have successfully cultivated stronger connections between our clients and their customers. Using an array of motion graphics, we can bring your ideas to life for a multitude of mediums such as advertisements, corporate videos, promotional and social media.

Our Design Process



The initial stage of the process involves gaining an in-depth understanding of the challenges we are facing. Our experts seek to understand the clients’ vision, goals, areas of concern, and everything in-between through discovery meetings. Immersion in the client’s thought process, experience and perspective is crucial to the design process as it allows thinkers to step outside of their biases, assumptions, outlooks, and schema. Our designers can absorb the clients’ needs and points of view to inform the most optimal design choices.



The definition stage involves synthesising our findings from the first stage. Defining the results allows us to analyse them from a detached and calculated overview to clarify the problems and opportunities.

Instead of outlining the challenges and goals as our own, or from a corporate objective frame, such as, “We need to incentivise a 5% decrease in plastic use amongst UK industries in a social marketing campaign”. A clearer, more humanised definition would be, “Communicate and persuade X British Industry that the reduction of plastics in their enterprise can benefit them and their stakeholders”.

The definition period will allow our designers to gather and construct great ideas to form features, functions, and additional components to solve the problems and reach goals. From the defining stage, we progress onto the ideation phase, where we form ideas towards solutions and previously undiscovered opportunities by asking questions surrounding the challenges at hand.



This is where our team begins to generate ideas based on the synthesised findings. From a solid foundation, the team can start to think outside of the box, utilising as many angles of approach and solutions as possible. There are plenty of well-known ideation methods such as brainstorming, worst possible idea, SCAMPER, and more. Our designers use amalgamations of these techniques with the support of their extensive experience and intuitive ability. This approach employs frameworks for guidance and stimulation without restricting the process to these techniques. It is vital to avoid rigidities as they can stifle creativity and solutions.

Mimicking science – Ideas and concepts are tested from various angles and critiqued to identify weaknesses and potential failure points. This process often adds to the development of our solutions and positions them to be robust, with the best chances of success.



The designers are now ready to get their hands dirty and produce.

A prototype is created based on our final ideations. Depending on time constraints and the project’s magnitude, designers may arrange various prototypes for the testing phase. Our team builds with an artisan’s eye for detail and a breadth and depth of proven technical ability.

This phase is ultimately where the magic happens – unforeseen problems may arise and be resolved by elimination alone and design adaption due to an identified, impractical, and fundamental flaw from ideation.

We bring ideas into tangible form at a sophisticated level and troubleshoot issues when manifesting concepts into reality. Predictably, this consumes most of our time. We create our prototypes intending to deliver a finished product the first time around. That way, we have an optimal product ready for testing. Our designers take this approach as it reliably results in the best possible outcome after scrutinising to make amendments and improvements in the testing stage.



Lastly, our team rigorously tests and evaluates the product(s) subject to delivery. The final stage of the five-step process can result in a back-and-forth between phases four and five for alteration and refinement. If the scale of the job warrants it, members outside of the design team, including executive decision-makers with years of experience, are brought into the debate. We do this to place a fresh pair of eyes and outside perspectives on the product. We don’t rule out the potential of the design team missing things due to being close to the project. Another benefit of this process is that it provides insight into human response, experience, and reaction to the product. The final testing phase ensures that we deliver a service that meets and exceeds our clients’ visions and goals.

Branding & Design