As we bid farewell to MediaCityUK after seven incredible years, a wave of bittersweet nostalgia washes over us. The memories created within these walls hold a special place in our hearts, marking a significant chapter in our journey. Before we embark on the next adventure, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the amazing folks at HOST Salford – HOST Cyber / HOST Social and the IN4 Group for being exceptional hosts throughout our time here. Your support has meant the world to us!

Reflecting on Fond Memories

Our time at MediaCityUK has been filled with countless fond memories. From the early days of excitement to the collaborative projects that brought us closer together, each moment has contributed to our growth and success. As we take a step back to reflect, we can’t help but appreciate the vibrant atmosphere and the incredible community that surrounded us.

A Special Thank You

A special thank you is in order for the fantastic team at HOST Salford – HOST Cyber / HOST Social and the IN4 Group. Your hospitality and support have played a crucial role in making our seven-year journey memorable. The camaraderie shared and the seamless collaboration have truly made MediaCityUK feel like a second home.

Embracing the Future

While it’s bittersweet to say goodbye, we’re thrilled to announce that exciting news awaits us on the horizon! As we move onwards and upwards, we carry with us the lessons learned, friendships forged, and memories that will last a lifetime. The next chapter promises new challenges, growth, and opportunities that we can’t wait to explore.


Seven years at MediaCityUK have been an incredible ride, filled with growth, collaboration, and cherished memories. As we express our gratitude to the wonderful hosts who made it all possible, we eagerly anticipate the exciting journey that lies ahead. Onwards and upwards, embracing the future with open arms and hearts full of gratitude.

Adam Smethurst
Commercial Director

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