We maintain an array of notable partnerships

Our proven capabilities are responsible for our on-going partnerships with significant corporate, SME, and government organisations. These partnerships facilitate the enhancement of workforce performance, cultivate and source talent, learning, and other facets involved in achieving organisational objectives across the partnered network.

Crown Commercial Service Suppliers

The CCS is the largest public procurement organisation in the UK.

The CSS plays a vital role helping the UK public sector decrease risk, save money and time through centralised procurement of goods and services. The commercial proficiency of this organisation help buyers in central government and across the public and third sectors to purchase everything from technology to vehicles and specialised services such as digital transformation.

The collective purchasing power of their customers, plus their market knowledge, means they can get the best commercial deals in the interests of taxpayers.

Our capabilities and standard of service makes us a consistently dependable referral to organisations undergoing procurement via the CCS. Through this invaluable partnership – we source some of the most challenging jobs from some of the most prominent organisations.

HM Government Approved G-Cloud 9 Suppliers

Secure cloud-based hosting for the public sector.

G-Cloud is a government structure built to make it easier for public sector organisations to access cloud technology and services. For more than two decades, those seeking secure, high-performing – cloud solutions have been able to establish reliable services for the development and maintenance of cloud hosting.

In-line with the government supply structure, we manage and supply public and private cloud hosting services. We consistently meet the HM standards to provide those seeking industry leading hosting architectures through this government initiative with a problem-free experience.

Armed forces covenant

Management and secure cloud hosting for the public sector.

The Armed Forces Covenant (SAFC) establishes a bridge between public sector organisations, businesses, communities, individuals, and the military as a means of support between civilians and the armed forces community.

Our hosting provision extends to a military grade service. Along with our sister company, the Cyber Defence Service, we have the expertise to provide cutting edge secure hosting systems to the military and other national security organisations through the Armed Forces Covenant.

Magento Certified Developers

Fully managed, secure cloud hosting for the public sector.

We were the first UK-certified Magento engineers, and we are proud to remain partnered with Magento in order to sustain a leading position when it comes to capabilities using the open-source platform. We provide a go-to, reliable, leading service to those seeking a professional digital design and transformation service via the Magento network.