Overt Ai

Providing real-time situational awareness and exposure of the invisible battlespace.

Our sister company – Cyber Defence Service has built a hardware unit that utilises deep-learning artificial intelligence architecture.
Overt AI performs signal analysis and data processing to inspect and secure wireless radio-frequency activity in real-time.

Our comprehensive signal analysis encompasses:

ZigBee and more.

Acquire complete, real-time, and recorded oversight and control of your radio frequency space for a wide range of operational, scientific, and security purposes.

Protection and support for your organisation

Overt AI makes actionable information available for any situation.

From tracking hostile actors in crowded urban environments to ensuring functionality and security of operational systems, communications, and broadcasts across a wide variety of situations. Overt AI brings clarity to complex cases. Our platform guides human decision‐making by connecting personnel and supplying vital data that enables swift and optimised response to potential operational faults and security dangers or violations.

IoT Monitoring

Overt AI enhances security and operational functionality by providing users with a thorough real-time and recorded account of their IoT technology assets activity.

Operational Technology

Bolster the security and safety of your assets and prevent significant damages through detailed monitoring of your equipment’s behaviour and incoming attempts from threat actors.

Direction Finding & Geolocation

Identifying the presence of an unauthorised transmission is essential. However, quickly identifying the location of that transmission is critical to security in civilian, law enforcement or military applications.

Spectrum Management

Effectively monitor and manage the local RF spectrum to detect and eliminate interference, measure occupancy and handle spectrum congestion.


Eliminate the threat of bugs and illicit surveillance through detailed, real-time oversight of active devices and their location. Employ offensive measures to actively defend attempts as they start.

Situational Awareness

Increase your response speeds to challenges and make well informed decisions on operational and security practises through detailed RF awareness.

Drone Defence

Quickly and accurately identify / locate both aerial transmitters and the source of their control signal – the drone operator.

Research and Development

Analyse any RF network and have a detailed account of its activity 24/7 to identify weak points in security and operational practice.

Offensive Cyber Capabilities

Governments and law enforcement have realised that a passive, defensive approach to cybersecurity has limited success. Instead, there is growing recognition of the need for persistent engagement that infiltrates and degrades a targets systems and infrastructure. If legally warranted, Overt AI has the capability for proactive attack on a target to cripple or disrupt their operations and deter future attacks.

Overt Ai