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  • TomTom & Voice Skins
Technologies used:
    Blue-Chip Companies, Retail
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Super redundant hosting.
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Sophisticated security and authorisation system.
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Multiple high-profile endorsements.

Meet the client

TomTom satellite navigation was founded in 1991 by four like-minded entrepreneurs seeking to actualise portable satellite navigation for millions across the planet. Their first TomTom released to consumers in 2004 was one of the fastest-selling devices in history.
They provide highly accurate maps, navigation and real-time road activity information on a global scale.

Our client was having issues with people illegally installing illegitimate voices into their sat-nav, posing safety and legal concerns. A now discontinued initiative: – Voice Skins by Locutio was spearheading legitimate voices for TomTom devices. This project was endorsed by Snoop Dogg, Lucas Films, Fox Interactive, and Warner Brothers who provided Voice Skins with their intellectual property – characters such as Darth Vader, The Simpsons, Bugs Bunny, and more for TomTom.

Our role was developing an eCommerce integrated security and authentication system on a Windows environment that synchronised with TomTom devices. Our digital rights management system would then allow the installation of legitimate voices while blocking the illegitimate add-ons.


  • Illegally downloaded voices put into TomTom sat nav.
  • Huge surges in traffic.
  • Secure system needed for legitimate providers of customisation add-ons.


  • The development of a sophisticated digital rights management eCommerce system.
  • Super redundant, scalable hosting to support massive influxes of traffic.


  • High availability, near 100% up-time.
  • Sophisticated digital rights management system.
  • Securing revenue for through torrent prevention.

Encryption System

Implementing the digital rights management (DRM) system was the most significant complication of the project. The vision involved restricting the downloaded voice files to the designated individual device – preventing the product from leaking onto illegal torrent websites. We devised an online processing system connected to Magento. This process allows us to take payments and immediately supply the buyer with an encrypted copy of the add-on. Due to our encryption, the add-on would only run on the assigned device.

We carried out extensive work around the TomTom Home application to provide a seamless installation process. The encryption process was restricted to a windows architecture. However, Magento required a Linux server. To solve this, we developed a custom API to handle the encryption process whilst maintaining high availability.

Low Balance, High-Availability Hosting

Due to the high-profile nature of the partners involved, the TomTom organisation and its online presence being global – the website required very high availability. Due to a miscommunication, we were not aware of Snoop Dogg publicising the project on the Late Night David Letterman show. As a result, the website crashed from a massive influx of traffic of over a million users.

To ensure that their website could successfully accommodate enormous surges in traffic for future announcements and advertising campaigns – we built a secure and scalable, low balance, high-availability infrastructure. Which later successfully allowed millions of users to access the website without issues.