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Technologies used:
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Multiple language options.
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Refined user experience to drive sales.
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Circumstantial product recommendations.
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Android and iPhone compatibility.
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Email newsletter redesign to drive sales.
Local MP and founder opening Supplement Solutions HQ in 2011

Meet the client

Supplement Solutions is one of the leading animal supplement retailers in the United Kingdom. Their website now hosts over 4,000 supplements and care products. Many of their products are specialist and are sold exclusively.

Launched in 2004, the founders discovered a market need for online purchases of their products. Gradually, they became a leading organisation and online retailer with global distribution in the animal care and supplement niche.

We were tasked with designing the look and user experience of their website to improve sales based on their branding guidelines at that time. The website was to have a ‘warm’ and ‘personal’ feel, with various language options as they distribute globally. In 2019, they made adjustments to their brand and moved into a different direction regarding their websites visuals.


  • Clunky user-experience.
  • Increase in sales needed.
  • No mobile device accessibility.
  • Email marketing visual improvements needed.


  • Single page checkout.
  • Circumstantial product recommendation at checkout.
  • Android and IPhone accessible.
  • Website redesign to enhance brand and user experience.
  • Bespoke monthly e-brochure template including key products and news.


  • Streamlined order experience.
  • Increased average order value and revenue.
  • Brand enhancing design and layout.
  • Improved direct marketing and traffic.

A personal, informal, and friendly impression.

Our goal was to enhance the look of the Supplement Solutions domain, and to drive sales and revenue.

We achieved this through streamlining orders and checkout, dramatically reducing the amount of navigation and clicks needed to reach payment. We incorporated related product recommendations alongside checkout, and an expert circumstantial product recommendation feature that helped customers find products that fit their needs.

Following our clients branding guidelines at the time, we provided them with a cohesive website design that emitted a personal, informal, and friendly impression. Alongside our design work for the website, we created a bespoke monthly brochure, and re designed the companies monthly direct email marketing newsletter to generate reliable traffic and stronger customer engagement.

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A challenging and rewarding project. Working closely with the client, I created a document containing a wide variety of information and graphics while maintaining an aesthetic that was both clear and cohesive with the company’s branding.

Matt L | Designer


Supplement Solutions