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Technologies used:
    Community Service
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Secure, consolidated host structure.
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New, centralised WordPress structure for 48 nursery locations under 4 brands.
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Improved UX and UI
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Near 100% up-time.
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A new design to reflect the current brand.
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Meet the client

Since 2001 this organisation has provided thousands of families with a caring, trusted, and quality service. After a successful 20 years – they host a range of nurseries across Scotland and Northwest England.

We had previously consolidated their network of nursery locations into a centralised WordPress structure to ensure easier management, and consistency.

As Thrive Childcare [previously Bertram Nurseries] underwent further branding efforts, we were glad to offer our support. Thrive required a website that clearly defined their categorised nursery locations and the branding surrounding them, with an updated visual design and improves user interface and experience structure.

Starting from the design, we worked closely with their team to build the new aesthetics that they envisioned, taking every detail into consideration and enhancing their user experience and interface. From there, we took a similar approach to our last WordPress structure for them, with a new build containing each individual nursery location and their categorised brand.


  • The website required updating to reflect the further development of the Thrive brand.
  • A new, but similar WordPress structure required.
  • Hosting service level had space for improvement.


  • A redesign of the Thrive website, incorporating specific requirements.
  • Enhanced User-Interface and User Experience.
  • Rebuilt into a new, up-to-date WordPress CMS structure.
  • Content input and migration.
  • Extensive testing to ensure security.
  • Incorporated lead generation tools.


  • Near 100% up-time.
  • Centralised and easy to manage and update all 48 domains.
  • New design that meticulously conveys the Thrive brand and structure.
  • Significant security measures in place.
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Design: - User Experience & User Interface

We utilised the branding guidelines that were provided to us by Thrive Childcare and ensured that they were used in a way that was accessible to the user throughout the website.

We took advantage of our structure that consolidated 48 nursery pages and included a postcode feature that directed users to the nearest nursery location. This was also incorporated into the search and navigation functions, allowing users quick and easy access to the location of their choice.

The initiative to include a noticeboard for parents, with an education section detailing the curriculum, and Thrive’s philosophy on conservation was sprung from the intention of deepening the connection between Thrive, their clients and brand ethos.

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We hosted a consolidated structure of approximately 48 websites which includes all nursery brands under Thrive.

Initially, the domain host and management was spread across several different providers, proving cumbersome, disjointed and difficult to manage.

By bringing all of the nursery location websites together into a unified structure with a core provider, we:

  • Saved our client a significant amount of money.
  • Made website admin and brand continuity far easier.
  • Made plugin updates for both the client and ourselves much easier.
  • Implemented group-wide back-ups and vulnerability assessments to optimise security.
  • Added a further, DNS layer of security by Cloudflare and WordFence.
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Rebā has been spectacular. They have been in close correspondence, offered consistent support, and met deadlines reliably. Beyond that, they have delivered an efficient, reliable, modern and secure website that brings all of our nursery locations and brands together into an easy-to-manage and straightforward structure. Training has been provided, and they are always in reach for support.

We’re pleased and confident that our new website will be a great asset to our business.
A sincere Thank you to Juicy Media and the Rebā team!

Grant Telford | Digital Marketing Executive

Thrive Childcare

Bertram Nurseries