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    Blue-Chip Companies
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Sophisticated client area.
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99.99% up-time for global availability.
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Constructed with multiple levels of security.
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Real-time stock exchange data feed.
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Detailed visitor/user analytics.
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Mobile First build.

Meet the client

Founded in 1999, Playtech is globally the most prominent online gaming software supplier listed on the London Stock Exchange Main Market. They offer innovative, value-added solutions to the leading enterprises within the industry. Playtech continues to innovate and provide in-demand products and services to an extensive list of notable partners.

Playtech came to us seeking a variety of global enterprise-grade web solutions. We have given Playtech a website that reflects its ideals using sleek design elements and a robust backend framework.
Our team has meticulously designed every element to support the ever-growing gaming industry giant’s needs, from the administration panel to the ultra-secure and ultra-reliable hosting architecture.


  • Terms and conditions tracking.
  • No visitor/user analytics or insight capabilities.
  • A global service requiring near 100% up-time.
  • Security a primary concern – high profile client that services numerous high-profile companies.
  • Primary use on mobile – mobile first approach needed.
  • Amazon Web Services changed business values – avoiding gambling associated enterprise.
  • Additional resources for clients and employees required.
  • Old website – requires modern look.


  • Automated legal terms and conditions agreement from visitors to the legal department database.
  • Visitor activity insights and analytics.
  • Microsoft Azure hosting – 99.999% uptime.
  • Designed secure – multiple levels of security.
  • ‘Playtech Academy’ – a learning management system.
  • Complete, mobile first redesign and build of website.
  • Real-time data feed from stock exchange.
  • Modern – brand enhancing visual redesign.


  • Significant modernisation of Playtech’s digital presence.
  • Reliable feed and record of legal data regarding users and visitors.
  • User and visitor insight and analytics.
  • A mobile-first website design.
  • Multi-level secure build and host structure.
  • Near 100% up-time for global demand.
  • Real-time stock exchange insight.
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Hosting for 24/7 Global Demand

A scalable and secure CMS platform to reflect the vision of Playtech’s leading products.

Due to this organisation and its online presence being global – the website needs to be available 24/7. The client area requires exceptionally high availability. We initially planned to use Amazon Web Services to provide a highly reliable and scalable host infrastructure. However, during this time, AWS made a stringent change and outline of their values, avoiding gambling associated enterprises. In response, we used Microsoft Azure. This was not our first choice due to certain functions being unavailable. Resolving these issues required extended efforts in development on our part. Nonetheless, we delivered extremely secure hosting with near 100% up-time.

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Optimising Security

Playtech and many of its clients are high-profile organisations with an increased likelihood of being targeted by an attack. We worked closely with Microsoft to ensure a secure by design, fault-tolerant, and highly available host system that includes multiple levels of security to prevent remote attacks, access to assets, and many other infiltration methods.

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Sophisticated Client Area & Legal Management Platform

Playtech sells to third parties such as Betfred as an example. Large companies have a lot of subsidiaries that utilise these systems. We had to design and build a client area that could facilitate numerous logins globally that download large assets such as images, videos, branding guidelines, and more.

In addition, we implemented a linked terms and conditions management platform. This digital rights management feature is crucial in allowing the Playtech legal department to organise and track global user and client agreements properly.

Playtech website on mobile phone display

Playtech Academy & Real-Time Exchange Data Feed

We developed a learning management system: – ‘Playtech Academy’, a new service that provides information and tutorials to help clients and employees regarding the services and products that Playtech provides.

As this company is listed on the London Main Market Exchange, we developed a real-time data feed with notifications regarding their valuations and trade options.

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Mobile-first, Modern Redesign

The Playtech website was very outdated and desperately needed cross-device accessibility.

There was no form of website analytics, visitor behaviour insight, or marketing initiative. We worked closely with the marketing department to entirely redesign the platform with enhanced branding, detailed analytics and a modern look explicitly built mobile-first. User interaction was the basis behind many of the design ideas and allowed interactive elements to come alive. The flow makes it easy for Playtech’s coveted licensees and partners to interact and find the information they need.

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