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Technologies used:
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Significant growth in user-base and community traction.
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Varying user-type accounts tailored to differing needs.
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User-generated content features.
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Extensive eCommerce functionality.
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Solved as a MVP for potential investor interest.

Meet the client

Fassion is a Manchester-based online retail hub for independent, designer and label clothing. Their purpose is to create alternative movements to fast fashion. They have envisioned a community and platform for up-and-coming and established designers and brands to sell, promote and distribute their apparel autonomously. The labels and creators featured on their platform are meticulously vetted to ensure they meet the sustainability and quality standards upheld by the Fassion platform.

This job was not without challenges. This project was hit by Covid and ultimately led to the lead developer leaving partway through. Leaving us no choice but to change the lead developer, re-group, assess and move forward. The project was set back during this process.

With the addition of project creep and requirement changes, the project became larger than expected. We kept the correspondence open and transparent with the end client and made no changes to the budget. We loved the vision, business model and ideas the co-founders have, and we wanted to do them justice. Not all projects run smoothly; what counts is the response to put things back on track and see it through to delivery, which makes this a successful project.


  • Required features.
  • Aesthetically compromised.
  • Low traction in search engines.
  • Needed payment integration.
  • Required social channel integration.
  • Had no capacity for a sizeable product catalogue to be established.


  • Development of Laravel application for multiple self-populated back-end management systems for user-base.
  • Fully integrated payment gateway for complete eCommerce functionality website wide.
  • Extensive redesign following Fassion’s vision. (Client has made some alterations since).
  • GDS compliant website structure.
  • Custom-built AJAK function for accurate and thorough website-wide search.
  • Reconstructed CMS.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Improved admin and security structure.
  • Mobile-responsive.


  • Solved as a minimum viable product to potentially generate investor interest.
  • Significant growth in user-base and community traction.
  • Fully functional user-generated content features.
  • Improved SERP.
  • Complete eCommerce functionality.
  • Aesthetic, UX, & UI enhancement.
  • Streamlined data handling and internal processes.

Back-end user-generated content structures

According to Fassions vision, their community members needed channels to curate and provide content to other users. User types vary from established brands and designers to individuals who want to browse, interact, buy, and sell clothing or develop a brand themselves. To actualise this core feature of the platform, we created structures that allow users to act according to their goals on the website intuitively.

Comprehensive eCommerce integration

With the platform primarily being a marketplace for clothing – our client required an eCommerce system that integrated every facet of their website’s functionality for a seamless experience. We built a custom payment gateway, ensuring a reliable and intuitive eCommerce system across the website.

Aesthetic redesign, UX, & UI

Our client sought visual brand-building and provided us with an existing logo and sufficient information about their brand and vision for their platform. Utilising the user-generated, community aspects of the vision – we wanted to focus the design, navigation, and user interface on the users. To elaborate, the primary demographic of Fassions user base is students and young people. We designed the website to function and mimic a fashion students sketchbook.

The base of the design was a very minimal white with black text. With special attention to placement – any designs, items, or content would then pop out visually. Curser placement would trigger a ‘highlighted’ or ‘drawn’ emphasis to identify links and navigation, and more.


Branching from the design, we developed a feature to enhance the client’s inbound visitor frequency and community interaction. The Projects feature was a space for users to display and promote their work. Coupled with social integration, users brought in traffic from social media platforms through simple calls to action (sharing) and served their desire to have their work seen. Acting as a user-generated promotional tool, users would introduce new individuals of a similar demographic to the Fassion platform.

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This project wasn’t without challenges and late nights. We didn’t want to use Covid as an excuse not to deliver. I’m proud of what the team has delivered. We have taken their vision and improved upon it to make them a platform that is extendable into the future.

We stuck by each other and delivered what they set out to achieve because we believed in the value of their business, the community it serves, and the project in general.

Ian Strachan | Managing Director


A Challenging Success - Fassion