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  • Easy MCS
Technologies used:
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Bespoke Joomla! QMS & Maintenance.
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Reengineered user journey.
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Built the admin and user area.
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Ensured everything is in-line with legislation.
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Resulted in the sale of the company for millions.
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Meet the client

Easy MCS Ltd was an award winning accreditation, support, and renewable training provider. They Offered multi-award winning services in the Microgeneration sector for Renewable Installers across the UK.

This organisation sought to make transitioning to renewable energy as simple and hassle-free as possible for both domestic and industrial contexts. Practitioners were mentored from the beginning, through to inspection from the MCS Certification Bodies, providing them with apt training and sufficient support to ensure they fully meet the regulatory requirements to carry out installations.

MCS came to us requiring a high performing Quality Management System (QMS) containing all required MCS Scheme internal and external procedures designed specifically around the unique operations of their clients company, and complete mentoring and training to prepare them for the MCS Inspection itself.


  • Clunky and inefficient.
  • Slow.
  • Not managed.
  • Poor functionality.
  • Not dynamic.
  • Did not meet legislative guidelines.


  • Re-built from the ground up.
  • Mapped out processes.
  • Reengineered user journey.
  • Built admin and user area.
  • Rigorous testing, feedback, and white labelling.
  • Ensured they followed legislative guidelines.
  • Support as they grew.


  • Refined user experience.
  • Full functionality.
  • Very fast.
  • Very efficient.
  • Dynamic.
  • Met all legislative guidelines.
  • Company sold for a valuation in multiple millions.
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Extensive testing.

We mapped out processes and ran extensive:

  • User testing and user acceptance A/B testing.
  • Customer satisfaction feedback.
  • Employee feedback.
  • Wireframe testing and feedback.
  • User-groups testing and feedback.
  • White labelling.

All of which contributed to the development of a nationally recognised service that was always appropriate to the demanding, and changing British regulatory standards. We continued to stay steps ahead through paying close attention before making quick-response feature developments, and redevelopments to ensure that the Easy MCS QMS was a leading service up until it’s sale to ‘evergreen energy’.

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Once we had successfully delivered the websites, we set about building an online database management system for document storage, qualification planning and business best practices.
The site was under continual development as new business processes and government legislation were introduced. Our challenge was to keep in line with these changes and stay one step ahead of the competition by proactively developing.

Adam Smethurst | Commercial Director