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43% Increase in engagement.
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58% Decrease in bounce rate.
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99.99% Website up-time.
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~1000 Assets migrated.
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21% Increase in site up-time.
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Meet the client

The Drinking Water Inspectorate part of the wider Defra public body, England & Wales. Formed in 1990, the Drinking Water Inspectorate is an independent public health regulator to ensure clean and safe water for England and Wales. DWI carry out technical audits of water supplier’s operational practises, investigate public complaints, assess incidents, carry out enforcement and more. As regulators bound to strict government guidelines, they successfully uphold a high quality of service under the pressures of working in a critical infrastructure arena.


  • Needed improvement to WCAG 2.0 accessibility.
  • Outdated HTML website – arduous to update and maintain.
  • Poor content structure and navigation / UX & UI.
  • Occasional crashes and down-time.
  • Old visual design with weak brand messaging and cohesion.
  • Slow and problematic data handling and business processes


  • A new and robust site admin process.
  • Optimised navigation, user journey and content categorisation.
  • Migration to scalable AWS hosting framework.
  • GDS compliant website structure.
  • Website visual redesign.
  • Water research database and asset management area.
  • Content approval process.
  • Improved admin and security structure.


  • 43% increase in engagement.
  • Bounce rate decreased by 58%.
  • 99.999% website up-time.
  • ~1000 assets migrated.
  • 21% increase in site uptime.
  • Widely accessible to the visually impaired.
  • Streamlined data handling and internal processes.
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First Ever - GDS Compliant WordPress Structure

DWI came to us with an outdated, static HTML website that required an FTP process to maintain, making it an arduous activity. A new site had been desperately needed for some time. DWI required a complete digital transformation, GDS compliance, and all their previous content available in the public domain.

We created an entirely new, headless bespoke WordPress-based template and created an automated migration script, that copied over ~1,000 assets from the existing FTP based site. This provided the initial content drop into our WordPress CMS. This template is also carefully structured to prevent changes that would compromise GDS compliance and the improved WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility.

Admin & Security

As a regulatory body – solid and reliable admin and security is a must.

Built secure – we developed the new admin and security structures from the foundations of the website with consistent testing and evaluations that sought out and tried potential attack vectors. Our admin system simplified the curation, management, and approval of content. Both structures save time and significantly damped the chances of a breach acting as a stick in the wheel, damaging the client’s reputation.

Rollback Function & Database

This was a small but very useful function that we built. The client can simply undo any mistakes or changes made to the website. This function saves time resolving issues without requiring manual changes or audits of the website to identify where an unwarranted change was made. On top of that – the content process approval system allows for multiple editors to contribute to the website while having awareness of changes made.

Our client’s service got a helping hand with a custom-built water research database and asset management area. These features were a centralised enhancement of the methods used before, providing DWI with easily accessible methods of storing and utilising their data.

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The website was outdated with:

  • Problematic navigation
  • A lack of cohesion
  • Unclear messaging of the brand.

Our team redesigned the website into a modern domain that clearly communicates the brand identity and service. Improved content structure and navigation allowed for a vastly improved user experience and contributed to a dramatic reduction in visitor bounce rate.

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The GDS provide the same components used throughout GOV.UK for use on other government and public body websites. However, GOV.UK is built using Ruby and Nunjucks. Consequently, the examples provided in the documentation for the GDS components were of little use. To deliver, we created our own code for DWI’s new WordPress website with great success.

Daniel Hart | Lead Developer


Drinking Water Inspectorate