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Meet the client

The ‘Vegetable Box’ is a product of Albert Bartlett; – a family run organic supplier with over sixty years of business is being distributed throughout ASDA stores. With the ‘In the Magic Garden’ initiative being sponsored by Disney – intellectual property such as characters from Pixar Animations are being used in the marketing efforts of the product.

We were referred by Conka Communications as the outsource for web development. Initially, our clients envisioned a full Disney Kitchen website. After covid-19 restrictions, potential complications may have influenced the decision to currently limit the project just to a landing page that informs the visitors about to product, where to purchase it, and a survey asking for feedback.


  • No online presence for this offer.
  • Market feedback required.
  • Cohesive branding needed.


  • A search optimised landing page.
  • Visual branding: – cohesive across all parties involved.
  • Continued development on existing visual branding.
  • A secure hosting and CMS architecture.
  • SEO
  • Functional and responsive on mobile devices.


  • A source of buyer feedback.
  • A cohesive, secure online presence.
  • Promotion of the product.
  • Optimised search engine ranking
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Strict Design Guidelines

We had to follow stringent guidelines from Disney regarding the use of their intellectual property. The Toy Story characters used had to be meticulously designed and placed, with every detail accounted for – from the smallest features to proportions and specific colours used.

Illustrated Tomato and Carrot


This landing page is built on a full installation of WordPress – using ACF and Gutenberg block editor.

Following an amalgamation of Disney’s guidelines and our own design, it was fitting to insert some life into the landing page via animations and parallax movement. The clouds are SVG’s and are animated individually using keyframe animation. Each cloud has a unique speed, x/y starting position, and delay. Various other objects on the page such as the Disney Pixar characters and vegetables utilise parallax movement – using the scroll function to trigger Java Script and move the subjects.

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Hosting & Security

The Magic Garden is a straightforward project and would usually not require as much hosting and security architecture. However, this was a high-profile client, meaning that the likelihood of an attack was greater. We provided a secure hosting infrastructure and built a forward-facing web app firewall (WAF).

We were also providing a WordPress security service. Critical updates to the core WordPress plugins, functions and themes were being performed within hours of being released in the open-source community. By meticulously keeping parts of the structure up to date, we ensured an additional level of security.

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We spoke with Disney at their headquarters in London. Once we understood the product, distribution, and Disney’s needs for their online presence, we began work on their website. However, after Covid restrictions came into place, their product range and project shrank. Using the visual branding elements already in place, we developed a clear and straightforward custom landing page for their main product containing a customer survey, all the information required. We also incorporated parallax elements such as illustrated vegetables and Pixar characters.

Michael Warren | Lead Designer


Disney & Albert Bartlett