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Technologies used:
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86% Decrease in human error.
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11% Increased uptime.
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99.99% Hosting SLA in place.
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100% Faster SERP indexing of articles.
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67% Increase in page speed delivery.
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Meet the client

Based on the oldest retail news magazine in the UK and an integral part of Newtrade Media Ltd., better Retailing is an information hub that also offers bespoke management for convenience and grocery retail. Retailers are provided with up-to-date market insights and crucial performance enhancing practises to maximise store profits.

Coming from a print-centric origin, our client desired to be more web-oriented. We discovered that their backend content creation, management, server infrastructure and local storage systems were severely inefficient, unreliable, complex and slow. Furthermore, their search engine rankings were suffering, and better Retailing described the user journey and experience as terrible and in need of vast improvement.


  • A slow and complex content creation, editing, and publishing system.
  • An outdated, clunky, and unreliable content management and storage system.
  • A problematic website layout and navigation.
  • Unsatisfactory SERP results.
  • Crashes occurring from high traffic.
  • Outdated website design.
  • Poor user journey.


  • Content creation and distribution pipeline.
  • Headless CMS with API based bucket storage.
  • New hosting architecture.
  • On-brand website redesign.
  • Enhanced UX & UI.
  • Search ranking optimisation in SEM.
  • Bespoke benchmarking tool.
  • Advertisement management tool.
  • Membership system with eCommerce element.
  • Fully mobile-responsive.


  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) indexing of articles ~100% faster.
  • 86% decrease in human error. (Three-month comparison)
  • Increased uptime by ~11% and a new 99.99% Hosting SLA in place.
  • 67% increase in page speed delivery by utilising an autoscaling AWS and CDN architecture.
  • 47% faster editing and publishing process
  • Increased user base engagement
  • 22% Reduced bounce rate
  • Revenue generated through membership
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Content Pipeline

We found that our clients back-end content creation and distribution system was severely inefficient, unreliable, complex, and slow.

In response, we created a systematic structure for content writers, editors, and publishers. This assembly allows for internal business processes to occur in one location. Replacing their old process significantly improves the efficiency and reliability of their content creation, scheduling, publishing, and management. Over a three-month period, we found a 47% faster editing and curation process with an 80% decrease in human error.

Multiple laptops headless content management system

Headless CMS

We built bR a headless CMS with API based article bucket storage. This is a content management system that allows the creation and storage of content to be separate from development. The client can change, manage, and flexibly place their content wherever they want, across platforms without reauthoring.

This initiative supports the content pipeline and makes it far easier and faster for them to curate and handle their content

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Bespoke Benchmarking Tool

We developed a bespoke benchmarking tool to provide their members with an improved service while generating additional revenue from sponsor placement.

In the backend, it predominantly uses custom post types for Benchmarks, Submissions and Shops, and ACF for the questions in a benchmark.

On the front end, we display those questions and possible answers, using Javascript to work out a score and produce recommendations at the end.

Recently we revisited Benchmarking to improve the user experience, this included adding features such as autosaving via AJAX and duplication submissions from one year’s benchmark to the next, where we map the answers from one benchmark to the equivalent answer in the new benchmark.

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New Host Structure

We provided bR with a made-to-fit AWS and CDN auto scaling host structure for a far more reliable delivery of content to high levels of traffic without crashing.

This structure accommodates influx and shrinkage in traffic to the website – providing a reliable uptime to their userbase. And issues or changes to the hosting framework is handled at a moment’s notice in a time window within the SLA we have in place.

better retailing design on laptop at a desk

Enhanced UX & UI

Our design team re-structured and re-designed betterRetailing’s website into a modern, cohesive, and aesthetically pleasing experience that is intuitive to the user. It was instrumental that we optimised the user journey to enhance engagement and conversion of frequent visitors into members as much as possible.

The redesign and optimisation of UX and UI was achieved with great consideration to the brand identity and offers they held. This work contributed to growing their membership initiative and revenue as a result.

Rebā has redesigned our website, implemented a paywall for memberships, improved our SERP listings, implemented a reliable hosting platform on our AWS tenancy, and identified further, precious opportunities to enhance our workflow efficiency. In turn, they have generated additional memberships, CTA and increased our website revenues. We continue to work with and recommend the team at Rebā.

Leon Jackson | Digital Manager

Newtrade Media