• Bertram Nurseries
Technologies used:
    Community Service
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Secure and scalable AWS host structure.
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Consolidated 48 websites into a centralised WordPress structure.
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Page builder for autonomous management.
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Near 100% up-time.
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SEO best practise for improved SERP.

Meet the client

Since 2001 this organisation has provided thousands of families with a caring, trusted, and quality service. After a successful 20 years – they host a range of nurseries across Scotland and Northwest England.

Our discovery phase found that their network of nurseries had individual, disjointed domains that faced consistency, management, hosting, and up-time issues. We found and proposed significant opportunities to simplify and centralise their online estate and its management.

Bertram Nurseries (now: Thrive Childcare) has undergone significant rebranding. With our services in place, we have continued supporting them in the development and reorganisation of their online presence.


  • Numerous websites for different nurseries across the UK.
  • Difficult to maintain and ensure cohesiveness across individual websites.
  • Hosting/Up-time issues.


  • Consolidation into a new, up-to-date WordPress CMS structure.
  • Page builder provided in tandem for independent editing and updating.
  • AWS scalable host structure – providing near 100% up-time across all websites.
  • WordPress SEO best practise for improved ranking.


  • Near 100% up-time.
  • Centralised and easy to manage and update all 48 domains.
  • Improved search engine results page rankings.
  • Secure and up-to-date CMS.
Bertram Nurseries Homepage layout

Centralised WordPress Structure

To optimise the user experience and management simplicity, we have consolidated all 48 nursery locations into a homogenous WordPress structure. This connected structure allows for faster and more simplified content management processes across the entire brand.

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Bertram Nurseries