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Successful access to a massive market:- over 740,000 Magento websites.
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Significant traction in Barclaycard ePDQ extension uptake.
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Personalised installation help.
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Organisations referred to us because of our level of service.
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Around 25% conversion increase for users.
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Increased security & fraud prevention.
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Meet the client

Barclays is a multi-national, universal bank of British origin with over three hundred years of history. From the first credit card in the UK in 1966 to modern-day contactless and digital payment solutions. Barclaycard continues to be a central part of the bank by fuelling its proactive adaption and innovation in the rapidly advancing world.

Magento is by far the largest open-source eCommerce platform. Many Barclays clients with Magento based eCommerce websites had no means of directly funnelling customer payments to their merchant accounts. Alternatives required additional costs or resulted in a significant drop-off rate of around 25% due to customers having to go off-site to complete payments.


  • A giant, inaccessible eCommerce market.
  • Payment gateways that take you off-platform have a higher drop off rate.
  • Requirement for a payment gateway integrated with Magento.
  • Some organisations may want help with installation.


  • Development of Barclaycard ePDQ extension for Magento integration.
  • Installation service for those requesting it.


  • Barclaycard access to a massive eCommerce market.
  • Significant uptake in extension.
  • Barclaycard clients increased conversion rates by around 25%
  • Referred to other eCommerce merchants from our installation services.
  • Solidified Barclaycard partnership.
  • Increased conversion rates for Barclaycard clients.
  • Large eCommerce clients – Aramark, Otti, Zoggs, and more.
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Barclaycard Payment Gateway Integration

We worked closely with Barclaycard and utilised the official ePDQ CPI (simple end-to-end solution) development guide to market a world-class security compliant extension. Our extension is PCI compliant to the delight of many ePDQ store owners within the Magento community – in a relatively short development time frame.

  • Accepts all major credit/debit cards
  • Custom payment pages
  • Increased security – reduced risk
  • Fraud prevention
  • Magento compatible from –

To provide some insight, the first phase required analysis of how the Barclaycard payment gateway works – this involved examining API documentation. From there, we figured out how to integrate into Magento.

The second step involved understanding how payment gateways work within Magento in order to establish a connection to the border process that Magento dictates.

Magento allows for extension creation for customisable websites. We had to build the Barclaycard ePDQ extension that would install and allow for configuration to store owners merchant accounts with the Barclays bank. 50% of merchants who purchased the extension also asked us to install it and were happy to compensate us for our time.

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This job was a technical and business-strategic success. Barclaycard now has access to the enormous Magento eCommerce community, and merchants have a far more manageable, frictionless experience with their accounts. We were also happy to temporarily run an installation service for our extension to make the process even easier for Barclays community of online retailers.

Peter Davies | Technical Director


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