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Meet the client

A well established, renowned cyber security company called Detica was a long-term client of ours. Eventually purchased by BAE Systems, their name was changed to BAE Systems Applied Intelligence – running as the cyber division arm of BAE Systems.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is globally renowned as a provider of support to government and business entities worldwide – helping them protect themselves against cyber attack, comply with regulation, and enhance their operations. Within a three-week lead-up to the Detica purchase, one of our jobs was to transform and enhance the Detica website to optimise its appeal, and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Over the years, we used to provide hosting for the main Detica website. After building the Applied Intelligence website, we spent years supporting BAE Systems: – providing multiple revisions, and support to their corporate domains as well as working for NORKOM, which was acquired and integrated into Applied Intelligence.


  • Required on-going technical support
  • Needed extremely secure hosting solutions.
  • Website building required.
  • Short timeframes.
  • Outdated designs.
  • Disorganised content structure and management.


  • Website rebuild and support.
  • Modern redesign ready for sale.
  • Extremely secure hosting architecture.
  • Content restructure and management.
  • Data feed for advanced CRM system.


  • Successful sale of website.
  • 99.99% up-time.
  • Ultra-secure architecture.
  • Reliable technical support.
  • Support for automated marketing.
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Brand Cohesion

We ensured that there was cohesion across BAE Systems corporate websites.

We pay close attention to visuals, structure, navigation, user experience, and user interface to achieve excellent consistency. We work on these areas with the aim of best aligning the client’s platforms to their brand. Successful alignment works to support and enhance the brand in return.

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On-hand Technical Support

We specialised as their technical partners for several years. We provided almost 24/7 availability to resolve any relevant technical issues that any department of theirs was facing.

Throughout the transitionary period between Detica and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence – we had to coordinate the decommissioning of the old Detica domain and establish redirects of essential existing assets to the new location. It was an extensive task and required a dedicated team of six for multiple weeks. We also trained the technical team that would be taking over their new platforms of operation. This training took place on a global scale, with most trainees based in Australia. Due to the various time zones in consideration, coordination was challenging but done successfully, nonetheless.

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Using some of the most sophisticated hardware and software, we constructed an ultra-secure content management systems with host architecture supported by multiple levels of advanced web application firewalls, security controls and bi-weekly testing. This was done for the Detica website in the lead up to the acquisition by BAE Systems. Being a high-profile, multi-national arms security with a cyber division, they needed to have the most secure systems possible.

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Content Management & CRM

We restructured their websites content, navigation and managed their assets for some time, ensuring a cohesive experience and user journey across their websites.

Working closely with the marketing department, we leveraged their top-of-the-line, enterprise, customer relationship management system – Marketo, by feeding collected data and website visitor activity into an automated marketing system to enhance their results.

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Many thanks once again for the flexibility and the positive, practical attitude your company has shown. We very much look forward to working with you on the new site with immediate effect.

David Porter | Director, Group Marketing


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