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  • Aqua Perfecta
Technologies used:
    Health and Fitness, Retail
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82% visitor interaction with 'checker' feature (3 months).
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34%visitor lead generation – (3 Months).
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99.99% Website up-time.
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eCommerce functionality and sales generation.
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Meet the client

Aqua Perfecta is an air and water purification company, they create and install their range of domestic purifier products to health-conscious UK households. Part of a US based LLC, we established contact when they were a relatively new business in the UK.

Requiring a website built from the ground up, we established a mutual understanding of their needs and potential opportunities for their online presence.


  • New to the British market with no online presence.
  • More visual branding needed.
  • Required a complete build from the ground up.
  • Needed fully functioning eCommerce.
  • Inbound and lead generation marketing features required.
  • Accredited installation, repair, and maintenance personnel required.


  • Modern WordPress based website.
  • User interface, navigation, and experience taken into close consideration.
  • Continued development on existing visual branding.
  • eCommerce functionality.
  • ‘Check your area’ air and water contaminants insight and report feature.
  • Hosting managed through a 3rd party service provider.
  • Tailored, clear, and simple jobs application process.


  • An aesthetically pleasing, brand-enhancing website.
  • Sales generated via web store.
  • 99.999% website up-time.
  • 82% visitor interaction with ‘checker’ feature (3 Months).
  • 34% visitor lead generation (3 Months).
  • Streamlined internal processes.
Our Aqua Perfecta Homepage layout design
Laptop displaying our water and air checker system

Air and Water Checker

Our client wanted an air and water quality ‘checker’ as an integral part of the website. This is the first feature visitors see. Given the context, the visitor is enticed to use the tool. Data from the area is then accessed and shown to the user with the option to access a full and up to date report after providing their email information.

This is an excellent inbound and lead generation feature as it entices and stimulates interaction with the visitor, provides information relevant to them, and emphasises the value of Aqua Perfectas products.


Aqua Perfecta came to us with their logo and a moderate amount of visual branding.

Utilising what they already had, we developed a colour palate, navigation, structure, and layout. To give the website subtle dynamic elements, we included parallax effects – primarily on the banner images. The Java Script enabled movement is triggered by the scroll function.

Tablet displaying Aqua Perfecta purchase process


Using the WooCommerce add-on in our WordPress build of the website, we incorporated a basic and highly reliable eCommerce functionality and payment gateway – ready to generate sales and bring in revenue.


Aqua Perfecta recruits accredited personnel for installation, repair, and maintenance jobs on their products. We have included a jobs page and application section for the purpose of informing those interested about the role and allowing them to register and apply via a simple process.

Aqua Perfecta chatbot icon


We have installed a clear and simple, omnipresent chat function for visitors to access FAQ’s and directly contact the company with queries. This chat function is a far more convenient means of accessing FAQ’s and company contact than having the user navigate to designated pages.

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Aqua Perfecta’s branding identity reflects a clean healthy lifestyle. It was important enhance this impression by associating the brand with ‘freshness’ and beautiful, pristine environments.

Michael Warren | Lead Designer


Aqua Perfecta