What we do

Since our conception in 1999, we have specialised in:


  • Web design & development
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile technologies
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Graphic design
  • User interface & experience
  • Marketing

Rebā is a digital transformation agency with an in-house team of experts ready to build effective and reliable solutions that bring results. Our services cover the full customer lifecycle, enabled by the very best technology and systems. We develop, design, and build websites, digital platforms and marketing strategies that deliver desired results. We used to operate under ‘JuicyMedia’: – which is now our holding company.

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, you won’t find any pre-set pricing packages. Our initial priority is to communicate and work closely with you to understand your challenges and goals thoroughly. This way, we can determine the best approach for the project.

As one of the only development agencies entrusted with national security matters in the UK via holding DV, SC and BPSS clearance – we are in a proven and trusted position to advise you across a broad range of digital projects.

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We can anything with any tech

We have extensive experience working with:

Content Management Systems – Joomla, Concrete5, WordPress, and Drupal.

eCommerce – Magento 1&2, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Omni-channel.

Hosting – Cloud, Azure, Dedicated, and AWS.

Development – PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Zend, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JS.

Design – User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Motion Graphics, Brand Identities, Visual and Graphic Design.

Digital Marketing – Strategy, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Social, SEO, PPC and Optimisation.

Digital Consultancy – Big Data, Systems Integration, Growth and Transformation.

Rebā has created and managed over 250 enterprise websites from small e-commerce shop facilities to large multinational corporations.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re invested in helping our community of partners and clients grow and evolve. We are constantly striving to drive innovation and provide value through insight into our areas of expertise.

As a subsidiary of Juicy Media Group, we are government qualified – DV clearance holding operators. The Cyber Defence Service (CDS) is an arm of the group and specialises in cyber security solutions. CDS created Overt AI, an artificial intelligence and machine learning program and hardware unit that detects, records, and analyses a wide range of radio frequency activity. Even the briefest and weakest signals are detected and analysed in real-time in high fidelity. The unit has offensive capabilities and provides personnel with complete, real-time awareness of activity in their space, allowing them to instantly respond to a wide variety of threats such as data exfiltration and remotely detonated explosive devices.

Zestdesk is a Rebā creation – a simple system for tracking, prioritising, and solving customer support tickets. Created as a CRM system specifically, but not exclusively for developers. Zest streamlines service agreements and ad-hoc development by allowing clients to prioritise tasks – benefitting both parties.

We stay in tune with market shifts and needs, always considering new, cutting-edge solutions.

Vision and Mission

The Vision

We envision prosperity and growth for those we serve. As a result, we will be a widely recognised and respected leading figure and authority in the technology, security, and development space.


The Mission

To improve and innovate our community’s technological and strategic capabilities.

Our Values | Rebā Commandments


Innovation, not complication.

Make the complex simple. Innovation is proven to be a force for good and a frontier for massive opportunity – not only to benefit those providing the value, but to the lives of those that receive it.


Integrity at the core.

Trust is a pillar of society that we all build from. We have found that fruitful, sustainable business must be a win-win scenario. Honesty and transparency are characteristics that we instil in ourselves and consciously work to build in others by example.


Keep learning.

We persistently become better, and we hope to motivate those around us to do the same. Whether it’s staying attentive to industry and market shifts and changes or advancing our credentials. We intend to remain on the cutting edge, and that requires consistently expanding our comfort zone.


Creativity and logic combined.

Innovation and that competitive edge often remain just outside of conventional thinking. While we exercise deductive problem-solving skills every day – we encourage our team to identify unique angles and avenues of approaching an objective. By exercising an open mind, we often find what others miss.


We are industry leaders

After diligently improving our capabilities and delivery for two decades, we have successfully solved problems for a wide range of significant clients. From SMEs to large multinational corporations and government agencies, we have made an impact across Europe. Major European players such as BAE Systems and Playtech seek our services. We hold several up-to-date and prestigious certifications and are partnered with notable organisations to bring our clients the best service for a competitive fee. To maintain this position, we continually seek to stay on the cutting edge and innovate, whether through advancements in our technical and strategic ability or developing our products and services, such as our CDS branch and Overt AI.

Meet the team

We are a curated team of technical and creative specialists united by homogenous goals and values that drive us to deliver cutting edge solutions to your business challenges and goals. 

How we work


Built for Impact

We keep our eyes on the prize. Guided by twenty years of experience, research, and analysis, we ask the right questions, identify obstacles, and create actionable plans. Results are measurable and we are always at reach.


Love of the craft

Our team is comprised of real people driven to create extraordinary things. We approach technology with an artisan’s eye, and uncompromising standards. Our clients’ challenges and objectives are internalised as our own, and we are not satisfied until we achieve or exceed them.



The client’s way, or the highway – We achieve our client’s vision through precisely utilising the right people, not more people. Every goal and project is unique, and we adapt to each situation instead of using a rigid approach. Our clients reliably receive the strength of a large consultancy without the baggage, bureaucracy, and overhead.


Speed to market

Make an impact faster. From the beginning, we bring everyone to the table — strategy, design, development — to create and execute plans in synchronicity. Our teams work in cadence with yours, reducing time and complexity at each step.


Explore our head office

A modern team requires a modern workplace. We call the Blue Tower at heart of MediaCityUK our home. This is a space that is conducive to producing the best work by making it feel as easy as possible.

We have Offices based in two central, vibrant, and interesting areas in England – MediaCityUK in Manchester, and Farringdon in the West End of London.

Each space is a magnet for the best people in digital media and allows us to be as close and accessible as possible for most of our clients and partners.

Want to be part of our team?

We’re always on the lookout for talented team players with proven abilities to join our ranks. In doing so, you will be provided with an environment conducive to work, with like-minded individuals, on a range of stimulating projects. We welcome applicants that are underrepresented in our sector, such as women, disabled people, and individuals from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Other Juicy companies


As Industry Experts have made Zestdesk – a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritising and solving customer support tickets.

Cyber defence service

Supporting the public sector, SME’s, large corporations, military, law, and critical infrastructure.

Overt Ai

A CDS product. We discovered that critical organisations needed more in their intelligence capabilities against serious emerging threats.

We were the first Magento Certified Engineers in the UK!
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